Monday, February 14, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Was The Pot of Gold For Our Birthday Girl!

This beautiful girl is five today ... I am still questioning how that happened... and when it happened.
She requested a rainbow birthday party back in November so I have been dreaming up ideas since then and it was a success! We borrowed a rainbow afghan from Kami - her great grandmother made it - isn't it beautiful? I halved donuts and made them into rainbows, we had rainbow goldfish, fruit loops and M&Ms to make your own rainbow snack mix, and since I have more cupcake liners and ribbon than sense the bottom two pics show that!
The centerpiece is styrofoam balls with cupcake liners turned inside out and pinned all over. I stuck those into a black pot of gold coins. The goody boxes were the little take out boxes from Micheal's - a sunny yellow of course - and decorated with ribbons, colored dots, and ribbon. I loved that project the most because Amory helped!
We colored pictures and painted suncatchers to make our rainbows in the windows at home!
We played pin the cloud on the rainbow - or on the wall - you know which ever!
We had a six layer kool aid cake - that was fun!

And this what a rainbow looks like when it explodes!

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day,
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LisaM said...

OMG, Kristin, that cake is so cool! Looks like a fun party and awesome decorations!

GinniG said...

Oh what FUN!!!!! I LOVE the rainbow party idea.