About Me!

I am Kristin Perez. Mother to Priscilla and Amory, wife to Victor, daughter of Phil and Susan, sister to Bubba (aka Brian), and best friend to Kami, Sarah and Christian. I am a lover of thrift stores, resale shops and flea markets. I am obsessed with saving money and won’t buy it unless it is on sale, clearance or I have a coupon. I love to read a good book - historical Christian romances are my favorite with anything my daughter asks me to read coming in at a close second.

Scrapping is memory keeping, gift giving and home d├ęcor rolled in to one big stress relief. I treasure my Mama Dot’s pictures and neat handwriting telling us the who when and where and want to leave my own who when and where behind in scrapbooks for generations to come. I love that I can make a gift with a recycled container, scrap paper and other bits and bobs and the gift is appreciated and still on a shelf the next year and the next. I am thrilled I can make things for my home that people ask where they can get one for themselves. I smile and say it is an original - would you like me to make you one?