Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrap A Lackin!

So my thought was that while Amory was in school I could scrapbook the day away - that is not the case! I do manage to make a few here and there but not like I thought! I am cleaning up around here (although it never looks that way!), planning our Disney trip (50 days away - I am SO excited), and playing with my friends (Happy Birthday Christian!). I did manage to scrap a bit yesterday and created these layouts based on challenges at Apron Strings. The first is Wednesday's sketch challenge - I think only the stripes of paper and three pics stacked are true to the sketch - other than that I veered off a bit!
Celebrate Freedom - Amory and Priscilla's party blowers at the fireworks show. Amory never could get the hang of it and then when she did - Victor and I wanted to destroy the party blower!
The next is Mondays challenge at Apron Strings to be inspired by print. Umm this one was difficult to wrap my brain around so I just thought I would use the orange of everyone's shirts as my inspiration! I used Apron Strings Bigger than a Bread Box kit from August ( I am lovin this Echo Park!) and created this layout about my birthday where there are no pics of me. Hmmm....
Happy BDay
Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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Lori said...

Great layouts - but, um, yeah, what's up with your birthday and no "you" photos. That's usually what's happening here, but I have an excuse, I celebrate my birthday with my sons (whose birthdays are the day before mine and 5 days after mine). When it was just me celebrating, there were no "Lori Layouts." ;)

Anonymous said...

Your layouts look great. Yep, if I were to scrapbook my birthday, there'd be no pix of me either. It's not like I was sitting on the camera, just no one else thinks to pick it up and use it (sigh). But maybe I'll be inspired by your layout and commemorate my day without pix of me.