Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catch Up and Ketchup

So as I dropped off Amory at school today the last thing I said to her before I love you was don't just eat your ketchup at lunch - you have to dip your chicken nuggets and eat it on the chicken nuggets. How can children eat just ketchup, or just whatever it is in that child's case, declare they are full and move on? It is so gross! I pick her up in one hour so we'll see how lunch went!
And the other catch up - well since not much scrappiness got done last week due to the Dora extravaganza, I mean birthday party, I am playing catch up! I did twelve cards for the MSW Sketch A Thon and four out of five of last week's layouts for Apron Strings Don't Stash It Challenge.  
Day #6 - A sketch and use a combo of your three oldest patterned papers
A Picture of My Heart - these beautiful pictures of my friend Christian's boys in front of an old hotel in Big Bend
Day #7 - A sketch and use at least a dozen eyelets - I used thirteen along the top and right edge of the white paper behind the photos.
Remember the Alamo - my friend Christian's boys in front of the Alamo
Day #8 - A sketch and use at least three felt shapes - I only had three in my possesion so they are all on here!
The Boy the Photograph - Christian's son Neo took these beautiful scenery pics in Big Bend - aren't they amazing?!?!
Day #9 - A sketch and use your oldest holiday papers - I used my oldest as well as some of Christian's oldest in her stash too!
Thankful - Christian's men - Frankie, Neo, and Charlie shows us what happens when two kinds of pie are consumed - silly faces!
Just one more from last week to do and then four from this week (I've done one already!) and I'll be caught up! Then I can work on the sketches from MSW - they are awesome and I want to scrap my Christmas pictures before I forget what happened at Christmas!
Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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Lori said...

Too funny about the Ketchup - I have a child like that and it grosses me out! Great job on getting yourself caught up! Keep 'em coming.