Monday, February 15, 2010

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

I want to give you a recap of last week and the projects resulting from a VERY busy week and share with you the newest color combo from Scrapmaster's Paradise. Combo #35 is another fun summery color combo - here it is:
I chose to make an altered project for this combo. These cute (if I do say so myself) little boxes are filled with summer feet in sandals essentials as well as some other fun orangy girly things! I will give these to the teachers at the end of the school year as a thank you for all of their hard work.
I am starting now on these little gifts because I do not want a repeat of last week. At the last minute I realized I had nothing for the five teachers who spend the majority of their day with my children - how could I forget to tell them we love them and how important they were? So I came up with this - chapstick valentines. I ran the idea by my scrappy gal pals at My Sketch World to make sure the "Pucker Up" sentiment wasn't too cheesy. They encouraged me to go for it so I did and each teacher loved them!

In the midst of all the Valentine's Day preparation I was also getting ready for Amory's birthday party. Yep she is a Valentine's Day baby! Four years ago I received a phone call from my aunt telling me that she just knows the baby is coming today. I essentially told her she was off her rocker - I wasn't due for three weeks. I went up to Priscilla's school to set up a Valentine class party (I was supposed to be in bed!) and I thought I might be coming down with the flu. Went in for my regular appointment after setting up and they said I was in labor and I didn't have the flu. I was at four centimeters but I told my doctor that I couldn't have a baby because she was three weeks early, I had a Valentine party, and I needed to do the laundry. No one listened to me (as usual) and she was born eight hours later. So happy fourth birthday my crazy beautiful child!
Amory's birthday party was a Dora theme. I am so sick of Dora and her adventurous self! But because I am the mother I am I made six backpacks with all neccesary accouterment, maps, a dora adventure complete with shape bridge, number mountain and color swamp. I think next year I will be a little less adventurous myself and keep things more low key! Here is a picture of aforementioned back pack. I bought three dollar store felt blankets, two spools of dollar store satin ribbon, sticky felt, and created my own pattern. The kids loved them!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great and blessed day!

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RobbynW said...

Hi Kristin! Love your basket, and I am sure the teachers will as well!
Robbyn - SP Diva

Susan said...

Your basket is a true delight. And I love your daughter's birth story! You are too funny.

NĂºria said...

gorgeous work Kristin!!
...and beautiful girl, lovely photo

emily said...

Wow! Great job,

Emily-SP Diva

Anonymous said...

Great basket! The teachers will love it! Melisa-SP Diva

Deanne @ Three Trees said...

Gorgeous projects Kristin!!! That basket is such a great gift.

Deanne SP Diva