Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Is A Day of Rest ...

Thank you for this quiet day of rest and relaxation - I need it! The Christmas season is in full swing here at our house - we have picked out our tree, decorated it and have watered it ALOT! The girls still haven't figured out who is in charge of that so the tree gets alot of drinks. Amory however is most definitely in charge of fallen needles - attacking them with her bust duster (dustbuster) if she sees them. I have been Christmas shopping alot getting only a few things on each trip before declaring defeat to the crowds, waving my white flag and retreating to my crazy house. How are the holidays shaping up at your house? Are you baking (I don't do that - baking for me is always a disaster), are you shopping, are you decorating - whatever it is I hope that it is a merry time!
I finished one layout this week - at this rate I will have summer pics scrapped by next summer - and one card made with the scraps. This layout uses a sketch from The Scrappiest and the August Bigger than a Breadbox Kit from Apron Strings with a few bits and pieces from my stash thrown in like the "at the park sticker" from SRM Stickers.
So this is a layout of the girls petting either a baby alligator or crocodile - can't remember which. I was a nervous momma - his little teeth were like needles. Notice in the background Kami holding on to Trevor with a death grip - we were afraid he would love the baby too much! And the baby wouldn't love him back - KWIM? Other animals that were there in our class was a scorpion - it glowed in the dark! A Tree Frog - it climbed up the dry erase board!
2 Fingers
With the scraps I made a card to send to my aunt eventually - on the front you can see the two little houses with me on one and u on the other. Another SRM Sticker "Let's Pretend" starts the sentiment inside which reads ... "we were just steps apart rather than miles apart."
And now as promised I would share a few pics from our trip to Disney. I have decided to do a few a day with their stories so you can relive the magic!
The last park we visited was Animal Kingdom (my favorite!) and Amory was so excited to see the dragons (she was unimpressed with the kimono dragon), the bats, and the tigers. When we arrived at the tiger part of our walk the guide informed us the tiger was resting out of sight because it was getting too warm. Amory was a bit sad until we walked around the corner and looked out the window and the tiger walked right up to the glass. Amory and the tiger were nose to nose with only the glass between them. I being a nervous momma wanted to know how strong the glass was! She was so happy to have seen her tiger up close - very up close!

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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