Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Sketchy - ScrapFIT Workout #27 and New Sketches at MSW!

ScrapFIT Workout #27 is up and ready for you to get some exercise - some scrappy exercise that is! And that's the best kind in my book! It is a sketch challenge with a fun sketch from Sassy Lil' Sketches. The other FITgirls did an amazing job - make sure to check them out!
My layout is pics from Priscilla's birthday breakfast at the Cracker Barrel - in her words there is nothing better than coca cola chocolate cake and bacon for breakfast. I'm afraid I have to agree but I put my mother hat on and made her drink a glass of milk. That makes it all right - right ??? This is her opening the present from my brother Brian or Uncle Bubba as he is more commonly referred to. It is a card with a hole cut it in - a low budget metal detector - the scary thing is Priscilla did look through and said there is nothing shiny. Yeah we're putting away the Harvard brochures for that kid. My other child is currently sitting next to me sniffing markers - yeah we might as well toss them for her too! I can't wait to see your take on the sketch - there is a fabulous prize from Paper Trunk.
Here is the sketch!
And here is my layout!
Speaking of sketches My Sketch World posted new layout and card sketches. Lucy has done a fabulous job again! I will not get to show you mine until September 10th as mine will be posted on the Inspiration Station - a new feature on how to use sketches in a different way!

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