Monday, August 30, 2010

A Mini Workout and Back to School!

ScrapFIT's Mini Workouts are back with a bang!! Here is how it works. On the 25th of the month we will have a Mini Workout and it will end on the 5th. Then the FITgirls will vote and the winner will be our Guest FITgirl for the 15th of the month workout. The winner will be spotlighted during the 15th of the month Workout! Their work will be shown first along with a picture and link to her/his blog.
On to the details of Mini Workout #3... Make a Birthday Card using scraps from WO #26 or WO #27 (which will be posted on the 1st). Remember to use your leftover scraps from WO #26 or #27--which means you need to do one of those WO's to do the mini.
I did not read the directions very well - I'll chalk it up to having to fill out endless mounds of paperwork and write checks to Priscilla's school (we're totalling $40 right now for gym clothes, vocabulary books, planners, skates for gym - make it stop!). I am overwhelmed and have resorted to sticking my address labels on everything, writing my phone number and my signature - I'm sure they will send them back! Okay back to the workout! I made a baby card - for the very first BIRTH day using scraps from the blog hop layout but you need to use scraps from workouts #26 or #27!

Speaking of back to school I have started scrapping pictures from the end of the school year last year. I figured those needed to get done before I scrap the pictures taken on the first day of school this year (see below!) I used a sketch from Creative Scrappers, the R challenge from the MSW ABC Crop R Challenge, and a challenge from Bo Bunny to use some kind of school supply on your layouts. I used a school supply from 1951! I found a spelling word tablet from 1951 on one of my thrift/antique store jaunts and have been using them on my pages. You can see it peeking out from behind the two pictures at the bottom. This is Priscilla's fifth grade graduation day.
Ready for Sixth Grade
The first day of school was on August 23rd for Priscilla and Amory's will be on September 7th. I took lots of pictures of Priscilla in the driveway but I was not allowed to remove the camera from the car for pictures at the school. "IT'S SO EMBARRASSING MOM!" And Amory did not want to be left out so we got a pic of her too (her picture shows all of her personality - the bright colors, the jewelry, the pose). This is Priscilla's first year to wear uniforms and her personality only can show through in the shoes she wears - yes they are sparkly! 


Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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