Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Things Are Coming!

The month of August is going to be huge! I mean wow super fantastic huge!
Check out the ABC Summer Crop at My Sketch World - I'll be hosting a game on August 11!
And do you know who's birthday it is (besides mine on August 8) - ScrapFIT! ScrapFIT is turning one and it is time to celebrate! Here's the info straight from the blog - August is going to be a month long CELEBRATION!!! So be ready for great workouts, a blog hop and so much more!!!

So we will party scrapbooking style through August. It will be a good way to celebrate sending the kiddos back to school!

Speaking of celebrating I have finished that layout - you know the one that is always there - a pin prick in your thumb. The last layout of the scrapbook so you can put the scrapbook away - the pictures that always get looked at but passed over? Well time to celebrate because I did it - I finished it! I used the current sketch from Let's Scrap and papers I got at CKC from Paper Loft - nice and rustic - grungy almost. The layout is pictures from when the girls made lemon cheese at a turn of the century farmhouse at a Nature Center we love to visit.
Lemon Cheese

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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