Monday, March 22, 2010

SPCC # 40!

Hello everyone! I am finally on the computer. It has been a long day - definitely a Monday! First thing this morning Amory was helping shut all the doors in preperation for her friends coming over and locked me out of my bedroom. Yep had MOMS Club coming over and my bedroom door is locked - and I was still in my pajamas! Thankfully Kami (I love ya) arrived first and picked the lock open! I wasn't completely ready when everyone arrived but all the moms understood! The kiddos managed to get toys, crackers, and one lone piece of apple into every corner of the house. Which leads me to the fact that I am just now getting on my computer after having a fun chaotic time with my friends, a very successful trip to Target (love when everything is on clearance!), cleaning the house (still not completely done), and then Dancing with the Stars.
So SPCC #40 is a little late today but worth waiting for - wonderful colors that I found in the Bo Bunny Delilah line and in the Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg line.

I made this layout for the last page of our Christmas scrapbook. It is of the aftermath of Christmas morning - paper, boxes, clothes, and toys everywhere. A tag behind the corrugated cardboard reads -  I love that moment when everything is opened and their is a peace almost and you look around and see just how blessed you are - with family around you, with children who are reeling from the magic that Santa did come and got me what I wanted, and with the one mess that you know can stay for just a little while before you have to jump up and return to mommy cleaning mode.
So Blessed to Have This Mess
Several challenges have journal in your own handwriting challenge - Apron Strings and Ch{all}enge Masters to name a few. I handwrite about 91 1/2 % on my pages. It is hard for me to format the journaling into the cute little journaling boxes, to print the journaling, adhere the journaling box, and to reprint. However laziness isn't all of what is behind my want to journal in my own handwriting. I know that I cherish my Mama Dot's script on the back of old photos, my own mothers handwriting, and then mine. Three women - grandmother, mother, and daughter same family but each is so different. I will pass that down to my children and one day they will cherish my writings to them I hope. So on to the layout!
This layout is of Priscilla's day as Principal of her elementary school. I thought the schedule card was very apprpriate - apparently principals are very busy people! Priscilla was so excited that day - getting to enter the inner sanctum - the teacher lounge - for a "coffee" break, having her "secretary" order lunch for them and eat it in the conference room. A very fantastic day Priscilla said!
The Owl Says Hoo-oo is your Principal?
Thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings! Have a blessed day!
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RobbynW said...

Hi Kristin! Both your LO's are great! Love your photos!
Robbyn - SP Diva

emily said...

Love this layout!

Emily-SP Diva

Lori said...

Love them both! And I love your perspective on the aftermath of Christmas presents. I'll need to remember that this year when I survey the damage. :)

Deanne @ Three Trees said...

Great LOs!! I wish we had Target in Canada - sounds like they always have great deals!

NĂºria said...

great layout!!
I like the way you used the colors, and the combination of all the elements

Susan said...

Your LO's are wonderful. I love the "So Blessed ..." title!

Kris said...

great layouts=)