Sunday, July 26, 2009

Top Ten and a Christmas Winner!

First of all thank you to everone who stopped by during the Christmas in July Blog Hop! My weekends are chaotic shuttling kids here and there, running errands, church, and dinner at my parents after church which included pictures of their European vacation this time. The pictures were absolutely beautiful - they traveled to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy. My mom is so excited to get me started on her scrapbook she asked for the organization sheet and folder I use for my paying customers and I said we could probably do this on a less formal basis. She said whatever - I just want it done! No problem MOM!
Now on to the winner of the Christmas surprise - but due to my inability to keep surprises (Victor allows me to open one present on Christmas Eve) I'll let you know one of your surprises - scrapbook supplies!!! HaHaHa - sorry I just love a good giggle! My children drew names out of a hat and chose ------> BananaStamper! And they got a good giggle out of the name too! I have your email and will contact you within the next day or so to get all of your info!
Now last but not least - a sketch from Design by Diana that involves a large circle and two pictures. I saw that big circle and said that's my zero in my number ten! I scrapped Priscilla's pictures celebrating her turning the big one - o!
The Sketch!

And the Layout - Ten


Diana Fisher said...

I love how you put it off to the side, the stitching and the way you did the criss-cross. Everything is just PERFECT! Thanks again for playing, I love seeing your work!

Maggi said...

Wowowowowow congrats Shana! Your layout is just beautiful Kristin, you are incredibly talented!!!