Friday, May 1, 2009

Buttons and Worms

For the worm part -
Victor and I went out on a date last night. It was WONDERFUL! We went to Big Bite Nite at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. They had 45 restaurants set up throughout the museum with samples of their food and drink. Oh my Gosh - we ate so much food! We visited every booth and ate whatever they were sampling even if it was just a bite. Victor and I both didn't like the Ethiopian food. My favorites were the Kobe Beef hot dogs with sauerkraut, the beef tenderloins with roquefort blue cheeses mashed potatoes, and the hemp brownies. Victor's favorites were the cerviche shooters, tuna sliders and also the beef tenderloin and those yummy mashed potatoes. And ... the worms

Can you tell what the above is? It is a chocolate dipped apple rolled in worms and yep you guessed it - Victor ate it. He said you couldn't even taste the worms sooooo I ate one too on my hemp brownie - and it was crunchy but it didn't have any taste. I can't wait for next Big Bite Nite! Victor wants to eat spiders next time. Weirdo!

And the buttons - Garage salein' today and look what I bought for a dollar! Two huge jars of buttons! I love buttons (now that's weird) and the more the merrier! I started going through one jar and there are some really neat buttons in there - big shiny ones, small fabric ones, and all kinds of beautiful colors. Oh the joy!


Katamommy said...

What a fun date night! And you got a crazy good deal on the buttons!!

DoubleL said...

Wow what a great place to go to Kristin! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves... great job on the button find too.