Friday, April 3, 2009

Sit Down Hold On and Shut Up!

Just Joking! But this will be a long post - I hope you are comfortable! First I have to make a confession - I have an addiction. I am addicted to McDonald's Mochas - I'll take mine nonfat, no whip please. The McDonald's on our corner knows me as well as Amory. When we pull into the McD's parking lot Amory says "Mocha please no whip, no fat and two chocolate chip cookies." I swear its bad when the three year old can order for you. I am having almost one a day now - I found out two a day leaves me with the shakes. So if you have not tried McD's mochas - don't - they are addicting! Just send me that coupon they sent you for a free one and save yourself!

Second I want to share with you the adventures of fishing with our two prissy girls. Victor took one look at Amory before we left and said at least take the bow out of her hair and told Priscilla to wipe the lip gloss off! But I think the girls had fun fishing as long as Daddy did 90 % of the work. I beleive that Amory and Priscilla ate more than they fished but who am I to judge? They did catch three fish and those people around us didn't catch any. And a fish story is not true till you see the fish so here you go:

Everyone is a winner at the Kidfish tournament!

Amory's fish she "caught" was 12 inches!
Priscilla caught two fish - 10 inches and 12 inches respectively - here we are with the 11 inch fish - Priscilla wouldn't hold it!

Next thing I want to do is thank God for the Life Preserver's Spring Crop! With all the challenges and make and takes my Christmas album is done and teacher gifts for Easter are almost complete. I have yet to make the progress on the make and takes that I want to but I'd like to share all the layouts I completed!

4th Grade Winter Party
And my favorites:


Katamommy said...

I used to go fishing when I was young and I had a lot of fun...I don't think I could put bait on a hook to save my life now though, lol. You got so much done at the Crop, that was a great weekend!

DoubleL said...

Wow you've been busy!! Great job! I didn't even know Mc Dees made mochas! I'll watch !!