Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Funny haha or funny weird?

All of you that have children no what I mean when I say the above - Priscilla asked me the other day if I wanted to know something funny and I said sure. After hearing what she thought was funny and then me not laughing appropriately I've decided to always ask funny haha or funny weird so there will be no miscommunication between us! By the way - why do seagulls fly by the sea and not the bay? Because if they flew by the bay they would be bay-gulls! HAHAHAHA!

A couple of layouts to share - I am still working on Christmas and Nikki's wedding (Saturday before Christmas) but I have got my valentine pictures in and hopefully at the Spring Crop at Life Preservers I can get Valentine's pictures and Amory's birthday pictures scrapped!
First layout was pics from the night before Christmas:
Second layout is Nikki's wedding rehearsal - Karen and I decorated the church with 100 yards of tulle, tape, and a pocket knife. Very interesting......
Third is our little family decorating popcorn balls for Santa. Santa knows he won't get cookies here because I don't bake!

Thanks for coming by!


Katamommy said...

Those are great, I love the popcorn ball idea! lol I love what you came up with for the sketch challenge. I haven't even started mine yet, yikes! lol

rebekah said...

Love all these pages, Kristin! Especially the 2 pager! I may need to scraplift that one!!!...if you wouldn't mind!

Melissa said...

Awesome pages!! Thanks for playing with us at the crop :D Don't forget to check the winners thread - i think you're on there somewhere! :D