Friday, March 6, 2009


As we approach St. Patrick's Day don't forget how many ways we are lucky. I am lucky to have a wonderful (although a little cuckoo) family, supportive friends (I love you Kami, Christian, MOMS Club, and Life Preservers Sisters), and blessings too numerous to count!
I wanted to share with you the craft Amory made at MOMS Club created by me! A leprechaun face - mind you I created and cut these pieces out with my cricut at 7 am with no coffee - a huge feat for someone who is not a morning person.
The hat was made by cutting a 5 1/2 bottle top from the Doodlecharms cartridge (I cut the nipple off - ouch), a three inch circle for the face, and a handcut beard. Voila - leprechaun!

One of my FAVORITE things to do is go to garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets to look for old trims, buttons and images I can use in my scrapbooking. Amory and I went to an estate sale this morning and I bought a mystery shoe box of crafty stuff for $2.
In this box was fifty yards of useable velvet ribbons, detailed trims, and lace. Also there was a necklace that was beautiful - imagine twenty strands of yellow seed pearls - slightly below collar length. There was also one vintage button card that was perfect - I can't wait to use it on a page!

Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully I'll have more layouts soon that I can share!

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Katamommy said...

That little leprechaun is too cute! What a great project for kids to do. You got a great box of fun stuff to use! I love fab finds like that!