Monday, February 23, 2009

Some New Layouts

I have been working on my submission for the Citrus Tree Studio website. They are another fabulous kit club with a great message board. I wish that I had more money so I could afford all of these kits! But a girl has to pick and choose. And right now I am picking to use up my stash due to some economy woes but I am not worried I have so much stuff and I am discovering stuff that I forgot about! I completed two new layouts for the design team call. The first one is Amory's annual first thing in the morning lets get a picture of you on your birthday layout.

Journaling reads: Three years old today?!?!?! Where has the time gone? We are so blessed to have you in our lives. You have a loving compassionate spirit and an Irish temper that flares up mainly when you don’t get your way.
Amory - you are funny, so very funny. You make funny faces and groan very loudly almost like you are totally frustrated with having to explain everything.
I like to call you my princess child - you love all things princess and Tinkerbell right now. Dressing up as a princess and watching princess movies are two of your very favorite things.
We love you - 2/14/09

The second is my favorite pictures from our field trip with the MOMS Club to the Christmas tree farm. We made these little pinecone Christmas trees by glue dotting them to little terra cotta pots and slathering it with glitter glue. Since the dern thing wouldn't dry there was glitter everywhere. On our mittens, jackets and in the car. What a mess but a cute mess!

Journaling reads: I know that Amory is looking at that pinecone like it is a snake but I think it is because I told her the glue was still wet! She honestly had a very good time at the Christmas Tree Farm making her pinecone Christmas tree craft or in Amory vernacular pinecone crap. This picture and crap (ft) is something as a mother I will treasure always because of the smile it brings to my face every time I catch a glimpse of your pinecone crap.

I also completed a layout for the Cruise around the world in Eight Layouts over at Life Preservers. We are having so much "cruising" the globe and last weeks port was Greece where we were assigned to do a layout about our favorite movie and the one I chose was Tinkerbell mainly because it is what we watch most of the time if we are not watching Little Mermaid.

Journaling reads: Tinkerbell was the first thing on Amory's list to Santa. She was so excited to get all of her "Tinklebell" toys. After Grandma dressed her (with wings upside down) she walked around and bopped everyone with her wand. After bopping Amory would say "pickle dust." What a funny girl you are - pixie dust or pickle dust - it doesn't matter.


Katamommy said...

These layouts are great! I love the buttons on the first one and the colors and title on the second one are perfect, good luck for the DT call! My fingers are crossed for you!

Suzanne said...

Love your submission layouts! Good luck! :-)

Sandra said...

Kristin...don't ever give up your do beautiful work!! I am especially fond of that double pager...those are really hard to pull off!