Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eye - Q & A

Well today I took the girls and I to Dr. Hopping who has been my eye doctor for as long as I can remember. Priscilla has had glasses for years so she was an old pro but this being Amory's first it was all very new and overwhelming. On her vision test she said every picture was a birthday cake although there was several different pictures (like a hand - she said it was a glove, a duck - she said it was a birdie, and a car - she said it was a truck). I have no idea how they determined her vision was great but they did. Mine on the other hand not so good - the left side being worst then the right. I'll have to wear glasses to read, do computer work, and aaagh scrapbook. That will take some getting used to. Priscilla and I then had a really good time and lots of giggles trying on glasses. She and I both picked out some really cute glasses and we're both excited to get them in and be wearing them! No pictures today - can you believe I forgot the camera - horrible scrapbooking mother that I am. How am going to ever preserve first visits to anything if I don't take the camera? Talk to you soon - thanks for stopping by!

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