Monday, November 17, 2008

Lunch with Grown Ups (well sort of)

Well I did a real grown up thing today - I went out to lunch with my two gal pals Kami and Aimee. We of course had our girls with us - Katie, Jordan, and Amory respectively. But we went to a real restaurant with waiters, tables that were not sticky, and it DID NOT have a playground. It was so much fun catching up over soup, salad, and breadsticks. It was relatively peaceful with a two year old and two one and a half year olds. Jordan dropped her crayon in Kami and I's soup and made the cutest slurping noises when eating soup, Amory ate salad, wore olives on her fingers and we brought all of her noodles home. Katie tried to use a spoon and was quite successful -placing one bean on her spoon with her fingers and then eating it.
I finished the last of my Hurricane Ike layouts today.
Journaling reads:
1. The MREs (or science experiments as Priscilla calls them) is a meal in a box that cooks itself after pouring saltwater on the cooking pad. They were not delicious or even good but it was a hot meal and that’s what counted.
2. Outside - we spent most of our time outside. Amory loved playing all day but the cold shower at the end of the day to get all the outside off of her was miserable. When it started getting dark we would take a walk down to the end of the street and back. Then we would go inside and with flashlights get everyone washed up, jammies on, and into the bed. Priscilla and Amory slept on their mattress and bed in our room. Every night Amory would tell us good night at least 50 times. And then sing herself to sleep (this is one of Victor and I’s favorite memories).
3. The fan- Victor fanned the girls with this lunch tray every night. Most nights it was like camping in the Amazon - hot, humid, and horrible. A cold front did come through and Victor got a small break for two nights. We still didn’t sleep a whole lot what with all the generators going around us. Over the course of those eight days Victor only smacked the girls nine times while fanning them (he claims most of them were accidents).

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