Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Salvation Army Day

OOh how I love 50% off day at the Army. I went with a list today
  • A dress that Priscilla could wear that would make her look like Jackie Kennedy

  • Anything I could alter with my scrapbook supplies (this is an ongoing hunt that never ends)

  • Organizational supplies ( Another ongoing hunt)

  • Something to make an advent calendar out of (I can see it in my head now I have to find it in the real world

What I found was a cute suit for Priscilla that fits her perfectly (yeah no alterations) and piece of pottery that drew me to it like it was beacon of light! On the bottom of this piece of pottery which was a very strange shade of yellowy green it said Miramar of California and 1955 on it. I immediately put it in my basket. I was very intrigued by this hideous piece of pottery that called out me and I fell in love with.

Come to find when I got home and did some research it was actually part of a lamp. This is the article I found at Collecter's Weekly:

About Vintage TV Lamps
In the 1950s, the first decade of mass television adoption, there was a common belief that watching TV in low light could damage one's eyesight. But early TV’s, with their dull luminescence, were best viewed in the dark. So the TV lamp was invented to add a little light to the room and dispel people’s fears. Originally a dimestore item which sold for $5 or $6, TV lamps were small backlit figurines styled to look like roosters, panthers, horses, deer, people, or plant life. There were thousands of TV lamp designs, made by at least 100 manufacturers. Usually ceramic or made of plaster, most TV lamps were pottery, and today are highly collectible. Lacking a shade like a normal lamp, the bulb creates a silhouette of whatever shape the lamp itself is and casts its light on the wall behind the TV, creating a kind of a mood lighting.

Some pictures of it originally:

And Mine:

I am pretty sure this will become a banana bowl on my kitchen counter! I am so happy with my find - so neat! Can't wait for next week!
Wish me luck - I am off to make a pillbox hat with a paper mache round box, felt, and scrapbook supplies. Priscilla will be best darn Jackie Kennedy at Wedgewood Elementery and I better get an A I mean Priscilla better get an A! :)

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