Monday, September 1, 2008

When in Doubt Make Your Own!

Currently I am trying to only use what is in my stash - the only thing new coming in is my kit club - but I can't stop that (I'm not crazy - you know - well maybe a little - but my kids did it to me). So when I needed a flower for my layout I made my own out of flowers that I had but were too big for my layout.
This is the layout in question - one of Amory about what she is like right now - the funny things she does and says and what her newest accomplishments are. And the flower is the one in the bottom left hand corner.
he flower is made of four different flowers cut like this:

1. Fold Flower in half fold again in half.

2. Staple together - I guess you could hold it together folded but it was easier for me to staple.

3. Snip off edges of flower. Then I had a pretty pile of different colored petal edges - like any good scrapper I said hmmmm what could I do with those because I can't throw them away!
So I laid my die cut scallop paper on a sheet of white cardstock and traced each hole in each scallop with a pencil and then removed the scalloped piece of paper. I used glue dots and stuck a petal on each circle on the white card stock. I then replaced the scalloped piece of paper - glueing it onto the white cardstock. Filling in each circle with perfectly coordinated colored dot!
I then covered the center of the flower with the negative part of a chipboard 2 filling in the 2 with microbeads. That was my first try with microbeads and now I am in love!
Thanks for looking!

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