Monday, August 18, 2008

Wishy Washy Washateria - Wishy I Didn't Have to Go!

Well Monday is Laundry day! But not on this Monday. I washed one load this morning went out to switch it to the dryer and stepped in a huge puddle of soapy yucky water. If it isn't one thing it is another!
Victor needed jeans for work desperately and I had a wet load of laundry that I wasn't about to put in a dryer that is sitting in a puddle of water so off we go to the washateria.
I had never been to a washateria so this is an experience and one I don't want to repeat EVER! But as in all things there is a lesson to be learned or several in this case. Let me tell you a few.
1. Don't mess with the lady with the 8 kids using all the dryers in the back - just sit down and wait. Apparently having 8 kids, having to use a washateria, and well having to wear what she was wearing (maybe she was wearing that dress because it was laundry day) was too much to handle and she took to growling to compensate.
2. My children should not be allowed out of the house that close to lunch with only snacks and drinks to appease them. They start revolting and acting crazy - it is not pretty.
3. Do not move the old man with no teeth's MONEY Magazine - he gets very angry.
4. Set aside at least two hours (even if you have only one load) and nothing you bring to entertain anyone in your group will be enough to entertain them for that amount of time.

On another note a wahoo is in order. Over at ( a fabulous monthly scrapkit site) I got a mention for layout of the day. It is the layout titled Who Am I from my last post. Wahoo!

Okay I have another LO done but I don't have a picture yet so I'll post it next time!

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