Monday, March 10, 2008

ER must stand for an Entertaining Ride

My little one Amory has been sick - nothing major - a runny nose and a slight fever. Last night, or should I say this morning I was holding her because she didn't want to sleep in her bed and she kept getting hotter and hotter. Then she started shivering. It was scary. I called the after hours nurse and reported that her armpit temp was 103.7 - add a degree to that it was really 104.7. She sent us straight to the emergency room. We arrived at 2:00 am and was on our way home at 5:00 am.

Amory was a trooper - never cried or fussed. However while we were there we got to watch Cops live. A homeless man flipped out when the cleaning crew got too close to his stuff and interupted his reading (the magazine was upside down but that is neither here or there). The homeless man (we'll call him Bob - homeless is hard to keep typing) threw the magazine at the orderly and started cussing. The police came out of the woodwork immediately and tried to calm him down but Bob did not go without a fight. The kids and I were scared and Victor was our hero gathering up us and our stuff and getting us away from that guy. We later learned Bob had to go to jail.

The only other exciting thing is while in our little cubicle we found the biggest Qtip we have ever seen. Now mind you this was hilarious because we hadn't slept and what the heck does a doctor do with an 18 inch qtip. It was better than blowing up surgical gloves. Victor stuffed one in my purse (he says it is for the scrapbook page of Amory's first ER visit. I was thinking that Qtip is going to pop out of my purse in front of hospital personnel and they are going to charge me $150 for a Qtip!

Amory had an ear infection. But now she has antibiotics and is on the mend!

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