Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Step Back ....

You know when you are going in too many directions, the things you are doing are not of the quality you want, and when you haven't had the time to sit down much less love on your loved ones? I was there - I was frazzled and overwhelmed and frustrated - it came time to make decisions. It came to making a list and handing it to God.
 I just finished a book where a line that I love and will repeat often is "God works step by step not mile by mile." He wants to take you and shape you bit by bit not big part by big part. My priority list was husband and my girls, family, being a part of Amory and Priscilla's schools, my church and my friends.
I want to scrap again and throw over the top parties for my girls, for Amory's school where I am the faculty hospitality chairperson, I want to make next year's youth auction as amazing (if not more) than last year. My team and I raised a little over $15,000 (three times as much as years before) at this year's. I want to finish scrappy projects that need to be DONE and start new scrappy projects and FINISH them.
I want God to take me bit by bit, my life bit by bit and shape me into the person I strive to be. He has made it possible for me to quit my two day a week job by giving Victor more opportunities at work, He has been working in Priscilla - I can see more respect from her and less teenage mess, I can see it coming together bit by bit. And I like it!
As part of my list I want to return to blogland! I love looking through your blogs and getting such wonderful beautiful inspiration from everyone and then turn around and do the same for you!
So this is a start - over the next week I am doing a rewind and showing you my layouts I have done with sketches from My Sketch World and layouts and projects I have done with kits from Apron Strings.
 First up is the sketch from April at My Sketch World.
And my layout!
I scream u scream we all scream for icecream
And the next sketch is from May at My Sketch World
And my layout!
Not So Jolly Santa
Speaking of My Sketch World join us for the ABC Crop.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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Malin/malwa said...

Welcome "back", Kristin! :)
Your layouts are beautiful!