Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jar of Fun - A Tutorial

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a tutorial for a super simple Father's Day gift. I made a jar filled with corn nuts, peanuts and cashews and placed a tag on it that reads "Nuts About You Daddy". You could fill this with almost anything and create a funny and punny tag of your own!

***I want it to be known before we go any further that this only my second tutorial and my***
 six year took some of these pictures. Cute as a bug she - cute as a shutter bug not so much!

Instructions For Father’s Day Jar

The jar - I got this jar from Walmart - $3.00! And as a bonus you get to see the mess that my desk is!

For the collar and shirt front-
  1. Cut two strips of paper (I chose this “pin stripe” from October Afternoon - find it here in the Apron Strings store) at 1 ¼ X 12. Cut one of those in half so you have one piece at 1 ¼ X 6.
  2. Cut two rectangles measuring 3 X 2 from the same paper.

To create the shirt front -

      3.  Take your 3 X 2 rectangles and make these cut marks on one rectangle:


       4.   So you have this now - cut this out!

         5.   Place this piece on top of the other 3 X 2 rectangle on the reverse side of pattern paper.       

         6.   Trace and cut out!

           7.   Overlap the 1 ¼ X 12 and 1 ¼ X 6 by ¼” and glue together. So you have these 3 pieces that will create your collar and shirt front!

For the tie piece -

        1.  Cut one 3 X 4 rectangle.
(I used a piece of the Kaiser Craft Rock Pool for my demo and a piece of My Mind’s Eye Sunny Side for the final product - both found in the Apron Strings Bigger Than a Breadbox June Kit)

          2.  Fold the rectangle in half and cut into a point. Fold gently so as not to create a crease.

           3.  Make the following cut mark on one side of your rectangle.

            4.  Fold gently in half, line up edges and cut along your mark.

             5.  Your finished tie piece -

To put it all together -

Place the long collar strip around jar leaving a small gap in front. I used two sided tape to adhere the strip, tie and shirt pieces.

Place tie even with top of long collar piece.

Place shirt pieces even with top of collar and tie.

I hope that this tutorial could help you with making a simple Father's Day gift! Have a blessed day!

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suzann said...

super cute idea!! Great tutorial, too!

LisaM said...

Cute idea and great pics and tutorial!

~jan said...

Simply adorable idea, Kristin! Im all for punny gifts! Wonderful tutorial too!

Jill Grace said...

This is such a fun idea and I love how you decorated the jar. I participated in Moxie Fab World's "out and about" challenge this morning and I picked your post as my favorite for inspiration :)