Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Worms!

Good evening to everyone! I am so glad to be sitting and chatting with you fine folks. It has been one of those Sundays where you have more to do than time to do it. But being the super parents that Victor and I are we got to Sunday School and church (on time!), remembered to feed everyone lunch (we have forgotten before!), left Priscilla at church to decorate for senior banquet (and remembered to pick her up!), Amory to her soccer game, and then to a birthday party (where I got a sunburn - ouch!). Which leads me to this first layout about myself and my super co parent Victor.Titled hey u its u & me, me & u, u & me it is a reminder to ourselves that it is us against the world - we are a team. Not always a a team that sees eye to eye but that is where the communication comes in! I used a sketch from Pagemaps and the fabulous May kit from Apron Strings which included Sassafras Lass Ellie's Tale. Everything is from the kit except the sunshine flash card and the letter stickers!
Hey U
 its u & me me & u u & me
And the next layout is about my goofy kid - I wish that I could say she was dropped on her head when she was a baby but I can't. So we'll just say Amory comes by being crazy naturally through genetics. And then I'll leave it up to whomever reads this to decide which side of the family the crazy genetics come from - for that I have no comment! So this layout is yet another page about her one liners that leave us in stitches and her wondering why we are the crazy ones for laughing so hard! This layout uses a sketch from the Sassafras Lass blog. I used a piece of Sassafras Lass Ellie's Tale that I had left and alot of the Apple Jack collection.

I've Got Worms

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day,

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LisaM said...

Awesome layouts Kristin! Really love the title of the first one and the second one is super cute!

KateB said...

hey Kristin-loving all the yellow! Just an fyi that I sent you a personal email regarding the Candy Shoppe blog challenge!