Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Magnetic Personality ...

So have you ever felt the need to ...
Tell the kidlets, the hubs, work, that volunteer position
you said yes to when everything in you body was screaming NOOOOOO
and when I call your number
your crisis will be solved,
your phone call will be made, your cupcakes will be iced, your
permission slip will be signed, your clothes will get washed,
your your your your .......
whatever it is will be done!

Yeah me too!

I was inspired by my friend Jan's washboard. Her's however is filled with love and sweetness where as mine is filled with me screaming TAKE A NUMBER silently. I used Jillibean Soup's old world cabbage stew collection of which the numbers and bird houses are still my absolute favorites to make magnets and decorate an old washboard to put all the pieces of life on that I need to take care of.
Soccer practice, waiting in car rider lines, and American Idol lends alot of time to fussy cutting. So that is what I did - I cut out the numbers and placed them on a sheet of romano cheese (okay who is getting hungry?) from the pasta fagioli collection . I used sprouts, fussy cut birdhouses and a few of the numbers I had cut out to create my magnets.
Thank you for coming by and have a blessed day!

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~jan said...

OMGoodness Kristin-I adore your washboard and am laughing at the "take a number"-I feel like that quite often too.