Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inspiration Station at My Sketch World!

Sorry this is late I had some technical difficulties - just as I tell my husband the little people in the TV cannot hear him apparently the mice in the computer wheel can't hear me yell at them so I will not try scheduling things on Blogger again. Apparently they get lost (like the socks in the dryer) and you can never find them again so I am retyping this!
Anyhoo Lucy has a fabulous new feature on My Sketch World called Inspiration Station that is posted on the tenth and the twentieth of each month. As part of her Inspiration DT I was asked to take the original sketch and rotate to the left and use four pics instead of the one large. Here is the original sketch:
And this is what I saw when I rotated it to the left: On my own I took out two pics and the journaling strips and replaced an embellishment (now to the right of the picture) with a journaling block.

I created this layout about my husband's creativity in creating pools out of Christmas ornament storage boxes when no inflatable pools were to be found. If you think this is crazy you should see what he does with a piece of linoleum!
Mexican Jacuzzi - you provide the bubbles
For Lucy's card sketch on My Sketch World I was instructed to do the same - rotate the original sketch to the left.
Original Sketch:                                           This the sketch rotated to the left:

This is the birthday I created - I used a plastic needle Amory had in her beading kit that she never used (truth be told - really would I give that to a child? - ummm no!). I left everything in its original place not adding or taking away anything.
Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!
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Awesome work, Kristin!