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A favorite phrase of my four year old Amory right now, "Are you nuts?". I have started answering (honestly for the first time) that yes I might be. But I have made a request - when I get to the funny farm I want butterflies embroidered on my straight jacket - I think it will look so lovely. These kids are driving me cuckoo - fighting, whining, complaining, aaagh! I am thankful for my little scrappy getaway this weekend - I will be meeting 14 of my online scrappy friends from My Sketch World - twelve of them for the first time! To be honest (I've been doing that alot lately) I will miss all of them - Victor, Priscilla and Amory - as soon as I get out of the neighborhood. I'll make Victor take lots of pictures of his Camp Perez which includes building tents in the living room, a fireplace DVD for the TV, hot dogs and microwave smores.
I haven't been able to scrap much which is another reason I am thankful for a scrappy weekend. I told Lori at Apron Strings at the beginning of her My Croppy Summer Assignment that I was bound and determined to do the assignments. Well I have done 90% of them and because of a computer crash and kids who have to be going nonstop I did not turn them in on time but they are done so I'd like to share!
My Croppy Summer Assignment #1 - use this sketch from PageMaps to create a layout
I did a layout about Mother's Day - here is the journaling so you know why I look so bad - and why it goes down in the history books as probably the most interesting Mother's Day ever! Nevermind looks like I lost it! I'll give you  the short version. Victor and I got up Saturday morning 6 am to set up our garage sale. Garage sale went well - that evening we dropped Priscilla off at youth group and took Amory to the mall to eat dinner. At 8 pm she got violently sick and was that way until about 2 am (she had food poisoning). In the midst of all of this I picked up Priscilla - did a million loads of laundry, made a lasagne dinner for my family, and thanked my husband over and over again for being the one to catch the throw up! So when this picture was taking I had been awake 18 hours of the past twenty four hours. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
Celebrate Mother's Day
My Croppy Summer Assignment #2 -  Create a layout that incorporates at least three different types of alphabet fonts - stickers or rub-ons.
Ya'll have seen this one  - this is the one I managed to get in on time - notice I said one! Just crazy pictures of Amory - she is the one who is nuts.
You Quack Me Up
My Croppy Summer Assignment #3 - Create the tag using the map below and incorporate it onto your next layout.
This is Father's Day - notice how everyone is healthy, well rested and so happy. Maybe next year for me too!
My Croppy Summer Assignment #4 -  today's challenge is to create a monochromatic layout using either Red, White OR Blue.
This has got to be my least favorite types of challenge - it is hard for me to stick with one color! This is a layout of Amory's end of the school year music program. She practiced so long and knew all of her songs. And then when it came down to it she stood on the stage and read her bible and looked around at everyone like "what the heck are you doing?" Did I say she is my interesting child?
My Croppy Summer Assignment #6 - incorporate the following PageMap onto your layout
I love sketches - no problems here! This layout is of my oldest Priscilla and our crossing guard Mary. Mary was invaluable during our school years. She was there the first time I walked Priscilla over until the last day - drying my tears, reassuring me, and always so durn happy. Thank you Mrs. Mary!
aCross the Years
My Croppy Summer Assignment #9 - using this PageMap Half Map, create a layout.
I used the original sketch and stretched it a smidge! This is a layout of Amory at our church celebrating the beginning of summer.
Jump Jump Jump Crash

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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Wow Kristin - these are great. I especially love You Quack me up. Fantastic job on the title - great use of different fonts!