Wednesday, March 3, 2010


And I am done! Done with my to do list I made for myself today? No! Finished folding the laundry? No! Finished cleaning up the toys? Well yes but Amory made quick work of destroying that! No I am finished with all the layouts for Apron Strings Don't Stash It Challenge. Can I get a heck yah! Which puts me in the running for the big prize at the end - cross your fingers!
Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #19 - play with chipboard and use at least 2 pieces
Um so I used nine pieces but I got rid of these huge chipboard petals that I have had forever and green animal print tag too!
Frequent Flyer Program
This is Amory on her "big girl ride." She rode it over and over again until she was as green as that dragon!
Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #20 - "themed" papers and use them in a non-traditional way. I used a Daisy D's 8 X 8 Winter Fun Pad from 2006. Like this one below but 8 X 8!
days of our lives
This is a layout of Amory and I's days together. I ordered my prints from Walgreens simply because I was too lazy to drive to the mall to Ritz Pictures and of course Walgreens machine was broken. I was told the machine "ate" them by the little girl behind the counter. So imagine in the red unoccupied squares pictures of Amory and I at our LSS and Amory and her little friends at McDonald's. This is also a challenge for Scrapfit to do a day in our life layout.
Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!
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Lori said...

Love the colors on the Dragon layout. Congrats on getting all the challenges completed and thanks for playing along at Apron Strings. Good Luck!