Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Identity Crisis and Coping

I have a four year old named Amory - many of you have met her through my stories and pictures. I must share something with you that has got my string of patience stretched to its maximum. She thinks she is a cat. Amory meows in a whiny voice, crawls, wants whiskers - the whole nine yards. I am at the end of my rope here people. Do you know what it is like to listen to your child meow at you when asked a simple question? I find myself saying in a loud voice you are not a cat you are a person use your words. What I am thinking has some beeps and astericks in it and I will not share that here. What is going on? I want my Amory back - my little sidekick whom I had intelligent (okay for a three year old they were intelligent!) conversations with, that would help me with housework (now all she does is crawl around), that would talk normally. Dear God say this is a phase - a very short phase - I cannot do this much longer!
Now my coping mechanism is to scrapbook. However I am a slow scrapper so I only got three pages done on Tuesday when Amory is at school meowing at her teachers. But three more pages done for the Apron Strings Don't Stash It Challenge is three more pages done!
Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #10 - dig into your stash to find pattern papers with hearts, and if that isn't available, papers with pinks and reds, to create your next layout.
I dug not too far into my stash to use my Christmas October Afternoon Kit from Apron Strings. I successfully used al of my older Christmas papers on teacher gifts and a craft that I did with the ladies at church so this technically is my oldest Christmas pattern paper!
I think I Cane -
Amory's instant love of candy canes - she would take them off the tree and eat them when she thought I wasn't looking and when she knew I was she would beg for one!
Drug of Choice - Candy Canes - rehab for the habit - Cold Turkey Withdrawal!
Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #15 - Use at least three different rub-ons on today's layout. SO SO easy for me! When I began scrappin I collected rub ons like others collect flowers or other pretties. I thought they were AMAZING! Okay two boxes full of them three years later not so amazing! I used various rub ons to create the journaling and also the before and after on our tree assembly. And Lori you'll be proud of me - if the rub on didn't go on like butter I threw the rest of the package out!
Let the Countdown to Christmas Begin-
Doesn't Christmas begin when the tree goes up? We always put ours up the day after Thanksgiving. We are generally in shorts and tshirts so the chilly wintery Christmas feeling begins with our tree which is decorated  lovingly by everyone. I use the term lovingly loosely - there is always a bit of yelling and don't touch THAT one but just a bit!
Don't Stash It Challenge - Day #16 - use at least four photo corners; big or small, paper or metal, doesn't matter. Oh, and use at least two in a non-traditional way. Okay I dug in the stash and then went to the pile of give aways that I made because I knew there were old mteal ones that would be perfect. That hunt took longer than the layout but I finished it! I also used a piece of a music sheet from a box of music sheets I bought at the library's book sale. I thought it was neat that it actually said old castle and thats where my parents were. Two of the photo corners are used as arrows to highlight Mozart's traveling piano and connect the sign to the pic. The other two are used traditionally.
Old Castle Salon -
I have a pile of paper I pulled out on Tuesday because I was super excited about Day 17 and the requirement to use die cut paper. I've got an idea and I can't wait to get it out of my head!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

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Lori said...

First, I'm sorry your daughter thinks she's a cat. Other than laughting, I don't know what to tell you - my kids (so far) have not done anything like this. Second, meow, I mean Hurray! I am thrilled that you threw out the package of less than stellar rub-ons! Love the combination of hearts and Christmas treats! Great job all around. Can't wait to see #17!