Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To You To You!

So I have been working with Amory to start saying Happy New Year instead of Merry Christmas. It came out sounding a bit like Have a New Rear so we compromised - she now says "to you to you" which sounds so much better! Imagine her telling Grandma Happy New Year only for it to come out that Grandma needed a new rear. Oh how horrible (and funny) that would have been!
I have not had much scrappy time this month of December with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I managed to finish a few things - one of which I can show you now! The Magpie Club hosts a sketch contest once a month that I always participate in. Tara's blog is highly entertaining - I love reading about her Oompa Loompas (her children) and finding out who the man of the month is! But the kits are super super yummy - so many fun bits and pieces in there. I have never been able to get one in time but it is a New Year's resolution to get my butt in gear to get on the site fast enough before they run out!
I completed the layout - a two pager this time - about the a rare and miraculous happening - the girls cooperating and working together! They actually agreed on this very large pumpkin. Too big I thought but hey so what if you need a forklift to pick it up if it is the perfect pumpkin its the perfect pumpkin!
Punkin Partners

So To You To You - Have a New Rear uhhh I mean a Happy New Year!

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Tara said...

Hi Kristin, Thank you ever so much for you very kind words. I really appreciate it and must admit I was blushing ever so slightly whilst reading all those wonderful things.
Thank you so much for entering your layout, love, love, love it. Good Luck.