Monday, August 3, 2009

Putting the scrap back in scrapbooking!

Hello everyone -

I have been working from my scrap folder this weekend and have created a layout and four cards from those scraps. The only whole unused cardstock was the background of my layout Mi Castle es su Castle. I did that layout using a sketch from Let's Scrap and a challenge from Scrap Whispers. Here is that layout and the family building a sandcastle at Grandma's beach (according to Amory that is - it is mighty nice of Grandma to let all of those other hundreds of people come to her beach:))

And four cards that I made for my three bestest girlfriends and my mother to invite on a day of antique shopping on the Strand in Galveston - no kids - it will be bliss. Right now however a trip to the grocery store alone and being able to take my time with no lollipop-sticky children or attitude bearing ten year old child would be equivilant to day at the spa. But I can wait for my birthday and our girls only shopping trip!

Each card is different because (a) for each of their personalities (b) I'm using scraps so I don't have more than one of each of the sentiments I used!

The first card is for my mother - Get Your Beauty Rest

And the second card Put On Your Shoppin Shoes is for my friend Sarah who is four (almost five) months pregnant and she needs to appreciate shoes before the end of the pregnancy when she is wearing maternity flip flops!

And the third Leave The Monsters Home for my friend Christian who has the two most precious monsters Neo and Charlie!

And the fourth for my very bestest friend Kami whose daughter Jordan and my Amory are inseperable - well kind of - there are still in the playing seperately but together stage - and are so so cute together! And who like me never gets out so I want her to cut loose and leave Dale (her hubby) in charge!

Have a Blessed Day,

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