Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All Aboard!

Not much scrap happenin here! Been way to busy getting ready to send my precious angels (hmmm.... have I been drinking?) back to school and doing all the things I said we would do this summer but haven't got around to. I completed one layout of Amory and her bravery to tackle the largest obstacles - she was not born with a stop that is dangerous gene!
Girl Power
This is her going down this slide which I thought she might say noooo maybe not --->
but she did go down it over and over and over!

Today Priscilla, Grandma Lake Jackson, and I (Amory was at Art Camp at church) went to see the Christmas Carol Train Tour. We stood in line for three hours but the exhibit was very interesting and almost worth it! We learned about the making of the movie A Christmas Carol coming out in November. Visit here for more details! But I have to share a few pictures with you - look for these in a layout coming soon!

This is Jim Carrey-

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