Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mini Albums = Huge Mess but a Huge Reward!

Why is it that when I sit down to do a mini album it consumes me, my desk, and the surrounding area? I just made two mini albums - I'll show you those in a minute but I wanted to show you my desk after their creation!
I started with 36 inches of work space and ended up with 10! Crazy, Huh! Now on to the good stuff.
The first album is of Amory's birthday party. I used a heart shaped chipboard album that was in the February kit at Life Preservers (thank you Von), the Pink Paislee Sweet Cakes line, and birthday rub ons from American Traditional Designs. A little history - I have had the paper since January, the album since February, and I am just now getting this done in June. At least it was done before Amory's next birthday (February 14)!

The second mini album is a flower shaped chipboard mini that I found in the half off dollar section in Micheals - it rang up for 47 cents. Apparently math is not Micheals strong suit! I also got a butterfly one - I cannot wait to do that one! But anyhoo I used Basic Gray papers that I received in a RAK (thank you Aimee) on this, journaling circles I created myself with rub ons in my stash, all the chipboard petals and flowers were a rak item also. I created this album for three purposes - a scraplift challenge at Life Preservers (thank you for the inspiration Sandra!), a mini album challenge at My Sketch World, and most importantly for Victor for Father's Day. Enjoy! (And if you are Victor stop looking now - I told you are not allowed to look at the blog until Sunday night!)

Thank you for sticking with me throught the longest post in history! I just couldn't wait to share these mini albums with you! And since Victor has the kiddos out on a bike ride I better get everything updated while I have no children whining, screaming, fighting, hitting, over reacting etc. etc. I have two drama queens in this house and they do not like sharing the stage so to speak. Summer is shaping up to be very interesting.

Okay I have deleted my signature - I hope I can get that dern thing back! So I will just type -

Have a Blessed Day -



DoubleL said...

Wow great job on those mini albums! I love how fun they are, my desk too looks like it's been through the ringer when I'm finished aswell.

Sandra said...

I got some of those albums at Michaels too.... a cloud shaped one and the butterfly one. I can't wait to work on them! Your albums are gorgeous!!!!

Maggi said...

Those albums are awesome! I have a couple of them that I'm afraid to touch because I'm worried they'll come out all wonky. lol

m1ch3113lee said...

That album is so cute. It was worth the mess your desk is in Kristin.

Andrea said...

REALLY REALLY CUTE!!! Mini albums are so fun to do once you get into them!!! I can't wait to see the butterfly one!!! Great job!

Melissa said...

I love them!! So so sweet - beautiful job!!