Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Layout for Two

To celebrate two reasons I love my husband, for two contests, and for two whole days that I left this sitting there because I though it needed something else. I never figured it out so I posting it as is. I made this layout for the contest on Becky's Pagemaps site and for Life Preserver's newest contest Cruise Around the World in Eight Layouts (click on message board and gallery and find the the challenges and contest section).

Journaling reads: Just two of the reasons I love this man of mine are right here. First he is an excellent father. The best of the best. Second he brings me these little hearts he wittles from whatever wood is handy. The smaller of the two he brought back from a visit to the school playground with the girls. He said he had to fell a 12 foot oak to get the wood. Did I mention he is a great storyteller?

Thank you for looking! Have a blessed day!


Joni (kix) said...

What a sweet photo, and a great layout! I don't think it needs anything else...

Katamommy said...

I just have to comment again about this layout because it's so sweet! The title is so clever and I love the story of the hearts. TFS!