Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its Been A Long Time

Hello Everyone! It has been a long time since I have blogged - I lost my motivation and my mojo but it is coming back! I thought I would just post a few layouts, pics of my girls, and draw attention to the fact that on the left hand side of the page is my schedule for classes at JoAnn Craft Store. Thanks for visiting and I will be better at posting - I promise!

Carving Pumpkins- That's Priscilla's hand with all the pumpkin guts on it!
Priscilla's visit to the one room schoolhouse - she took all of her own pics. I love that she took pics from her vantage point - looking up at the stuff on the wall, the outhouse (very interesting to her), and the fact that her thumb or hair showed up in alot of them obscuring some of the photo. I would never have gotten pictures this authentic had I taken them!
My favorite picture of Amory in her halloween costume. I lifted this layout from Vicki Boutin in Scrapbooks etc..
A coat hook for Amory's room - she got so many coats and sweater I had to do something! So of course I scrapped an existing (and quite ugly) with one sheet of two sided Rusty Pickle paper and a scrap of ribbon.
The unexpected joys of motherhood. You know you are a mom when your phone looks better than you do! I am not sure which of the girls did this but running to answer the phone and finding this is an unexpected joy and a giggle!

Victor made yummy barbecue on Halloween Night. However that delicious smell did not bring the trick or treaters in multitudes - we only had five candy seekers. So few compared to the year before.A visit to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Lake Jackson - its tradition!

The Lake Jackson Firehouse Open House - we even ended up in the paper!

On December 20th Victor and I's niece Nikki got married and the girls were absolutely beautiful as flowergirls. Priscilla kept saying I am beautiful - don't you think. And Amory kept saying I am a princess. I agree they were both beautiful princesses for one night - the next the dresses were off and they were back to their tomboy selves!

Thank you for stopping by! Talk to you soon!

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