Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update

Well this weekend has been busy busy busy. I am still working on layouts and projects for my tryout for the design teams so I can't post any of it yet but I really haven't had more than thirty minutes here or twenty minutes there to work on stuff anyway.
On Saturday we went to see Madagascar 2 - Madagascar 1 was so much better - but I still love Marty, Melman, Gloria, and Alex the same. And those penguins are a very devious sort - the best sort I think. After that we went to Johnny Carrino's for a birthday dinner for my Mom. Yummy Italian food - I wish that I could have eaten more but no can do.
On Sunday we went to Harbour Freight Tools - a toy store of sorts for my husband. But I found lots of interesting things. As a scrapper I always look at the organizational stuff and think hmm how could I use that? But my husband sees my wheels turning and the steam building and he knows it might mean work for him so he puts a stop to it quick! After that we went to my third favorite place in my small world - the flea market. I love going through all the junk - you know the tables filled with everything imaginable and right in the middle of that junk is a gem. Today I found another one of my fishbowl canisters with a metal lid and red handle, some iron pieces (they look like the tops of fence posts), and a sweater for Priscilla. Of course we ate roasted corn and wagon wheel chips. SO much fun.
I am getting off this computer and over to my scrappy desk - I am constantly amazed that I have about 4 feet of desk to work on and I get so much stuff piled up I end up working in a 12 X 12 section. And I have to figure out how to get stickles off my desk. There was a slight accident!

Talk to you soon - I have been tagged and need to pass that on but that will be another day!

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Joyce said...

Your scrap desk sounds like mine!!!